Standard Languages

  • Eridanian, spoken by everyone from the Eridanian Region on Aresia, uses the Eridanian script
  • Dwarvish, spoken by all dwarves, uses the Dwarvish script
  • Elvish, spoken by all elves, uses the Elvish script
  • Chronium, spoken by ogres, giants and goliaths, uses the Dwarvish script
  • Goblin, spoken by goblinoids, uses the Eridanian script
  • Harken, spoken by all halflings and inhabitants of Harken, uses the Eridanian script
  • Orc, spoken by orcs, uses the Dwarvish script
  • Tharsian, spoken by the inhabitants of Tharsis, is identical to Draconic, uses the Draconic script
  • Svirfneblin, spoken by svirfneblin, uses the Svirfneblin script

Exotic Languages

  • Abyssal, spoken by demons, uses the Abyssal script
  • Angelic, spoken by angels, archons and other celestials, uses the Angelic script
  • Draconic, spoken by dragonkin and magic, is identical to Tharsian, uses the Draconic script
  • Deep Speech, spoken by mind flayers and beholders.
  • Infernal, spoken by devils, uses the Abyssal script.
  • Elemental, spoken by elementals, uses the Abyssal script.
  • Halruan, spoken by genasi and the people of Daedaloth, uses the Abyssal script.
  • Sylvan, spoken by fairies, uses the Elvish script.
  • Undercommon, spoken by creatures and traders of the Underdark, uses the Elvish script.
  • Druidic, spoken by druids, uses a secret magical script.


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