Cult of Dungabad

The Cult of Dungabad

The Cult of Dungabad was founded in Heaven by the dwarf Dungabad. The dwarves from the world of Aspenta arriving in Heaven during the Elemental War at the end of the Third Age joined the cult and swore to protect mortal worlds from invading forces, especially elementals. Cult members believe in fighting using brutality and strength. Their favoured weapon is a great warhammer, which dates back to Elemental War. The hammer is often as tall as the dwarves themselves and it is extremely heavy, weighing about 15 kg.

The Fifth Age on the world of Aresia begun with the opening of the Maetia, which created a direct portal to the Inner Planes. This meant that the world of Aresia was now threatened by elemental invasion and thus the Cult of Dungabad extended their influence from Heaven and into the world of Aresia, hoping to defend it from the fate that befell the world of Aspenta ages ago.


There are several ways to recognize a member of this dwarven cult, each member of the cult have tattoos on their right shoulder depending on their rank, for each rank the tattoo is made bigger covering most of the upper body on the highest ranking members. The tattoos are made using a special secret technique where certain compounds are mixed to give the tattoos a black/red look seemingly burning through the skin. The process is known to be very painfull and thus serving as a part of the initiation rites.

The members are known to be proud and fierce warriors with a hot temper. They are loyal to the traditions of the cult and are obligated to fight, often throwing themselves recklessly into a fight that any normal person would avoid.


The followers of this cult are most often dwarven fighters or barbarians since the means used by the cult is more appealing to these classes compared to other classes. But it has been seen that a paladin or a druid has joined since they can also share the goal and means of the cult.

Other races can become members of the cult but it is rarely seen as many of the cult’s aspects are based on dwarven traditions and beliefs.


The cult is based on the belief of Heaven and that this is where mortals go when they die. They do not worship any specific deity, but are still polytheistic, referring to the angels as gods. They primarily worship Sharindlar, the dwarven goddess of mercy that teaches the cult that mercy is found in a quick death and a respectful burial.

The cult may not be extremely religious, but they do have a code of honor. They believe in giving the enemy the quickest possible death thus avoiding any kind of torture. They serve to protect society, and anyone threatening societie’s existence is seen as an enemy. They believe that society must be ruled and not everyone have the same rights. But they also believe that those who are strong have been gifted so that they can protect the weak. They see themselves as superior to others and therefore see it as their responsibility not to lead but to protect and serve, being guardians of righteousness.

Initiation Rites

To become a member of this cult one must be willing to leave behind ones family. For as soon as you are a part of the cult, the cult is your family and society is your mother.

A sacred tattoo has to be made on the right shoulder of the person who wish to become a member. This tattoo represents the person’s rank in the cult and as he grows in rank the tattoo will be extended until it goes all across the upper body, covering both shoulders and the back. A secret way of imprinting is used in the creation of these tattoos, a ritual passed down generation after generation of warriors.

As a final part of the initiation one must serve for ten years in war to show one’s strength and commitment. When this is done the initiate has become a legitimate member of the cult.

Society’s view on the Cult of Dungabad

Society see these people as strange but useful, often seeing them as savage and uncivilized. They are shunned by the larger communities, but are revered for their protection and abilities in combat. In the end the commoner dont know much about them and they are often mistaken for simple barbarians or stupid brutes, whereas they are actual a highly sophisticated society of warriors exercising the martial art of strength and brutality.

Cult of Dungabad

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