Ametian Alliance

The Ametian Alliance is a military alliance between various nations across the planes with the focus of recovering the lands on the world of Aspenta.

The alliance was first proposed by the eladrin hero Glaeth Gisir, who suggested an alliance between the Eladrin Empire of the Cordell with the Genasi Theocracy of Daedaloth after he stopped a cultist of Lithor from sacrificing two children in the Eridanian Region on the world of Aresia. A cultists of Lithor had kidnapped two human children from a blacksmith with the plans to sacrifice them to Lithor, the Angel of Earth, in the hopes of bringing him into the world of Aresia as per his request. Since the Third Age, the elementals from the world of Aspenta has threatened both the Eladrin Empire of the Cordell and Lithor’s home of Daedaloth. Lithor wanted to ensure his continued existence by escaping into the world of Aresia, but his cult has continuously failed due to the intervention from various adventuring parties.

The Eladrin Glaeth Gisir knew and understood the elemental threat from the world of Aspenta and thus convinced the cultist to help set up a meeting, using the human Septarchy of Cimmeria as a neutral ground between the Empire of the Cordell and the Theocracy of Daedaloth. During this meeting it was decided that all three nations would form a military alliance, not focused on saving the Cordell or Daedaloth, but instead focused on striking back at the elemental threat and taking back the world of Aspenta. Thus the Confederation of the Planes, also known as Amitia, was created with the signing of the Treaty of Alliance at the end of the Fourth Age.

The three nations began working together to form an army able to fight elementals, strategies and war tactics to invade the world of Aspenta, and a structure containing a large variety of portals to the various member nations. This structure was named the Maetia and was built in the Cimmerian city of Winterhaven. Once complete, a massive portal within the structure would connect the world of Aresia with the world of Aspenta and enable the Ametian Alliance to begin their invasion of the elemental world.

It took 4 years for the Ametian Alliance to form an army, a strategy, and build the Maetia. In that time they invited additional powers to the alliance. This included the following:

  • The Shadow Dwarven Kingdom of Beldwhig
  • The Goliath Tribes of Chronium
  • The Dwarven Kingdom of Dawnforge
  • The Halfling Tribes of Harken
  • The Elven Free Forest of Winterbole

When the portal was finished, the Ametian Army stood ready within the Maetia to storm the world of Aspenta. Unknown to all, when the portal opened it unleashed pure chaos that originated from the world of Aspenta, which caused great destruction, death, and confusion. The Ametian Army retreated from Winterhaven to regroup, but the High Elves took this opportunity to execute their political plans. A secret elven order had infiltrated many political positions within the Ametian Alliance, and using the chaos caused by the opening of the Maetia, they tore the Ametian Alliance apart. A dwarven civil war broke out and the elves were divided between those that opposed the secret order and those that supported it. This marked the end of the Fourth Age and the beginning of the Fifth Age.

The secret elven order had revealed themselves. The elves captured any members of the order they could find and executed them. Any corrupt leaders within the Ametian Alliance were also arrested and executed. Some members of the secret order are believed to have survived and escaped, and some political figures are still believed to be corrupted by this elven order. Those that supported the elven order broke off from Winterbole and formed the Elven Freelands of Martz and still fight for the supremacy of the high elves and the complete dissolution of the Ametian Alliance.

The Dwarven Kingdom of Dawnforge was plunged into a bloody civil war due to the secret elven order. The kingdom became divided with two new kingdoms breaking off from Dawnforge. The Kingdom of Electris believed that only Hill Dwarves should reign and that the Ametian Alliance and relations with Cimmeria was a beneficial aspect. Their strife was mainly focused on the Kingdom of Sirenum, although they still tried to lay claim to many strongholds and lands belonging to the Kingdom of Dawnforge, which believed that all dwarves were equal. The Kingdom of Sirenum believed that only Mountains Dwarves should reign and that the dwarves should retreat deep under ground and break off all ties with the surface world. Even though they fought fiercly against the Hill Dwarves of Electris, it was the strongholds and lands of Dawnforge that they coveted. The War of Three Axes lasted for 15 years before it was stopped due to the threat of a dragon invasion from the Tharsis Region.

In the beginning of the Fifth Age, many believed that the Ametian Alliance had completely disolved since the eladrins and genasi withdrew to the Cordell and Daedaloth respectively. They closed all portals and severed all ties to the world of Aresia, stating that the loss of the Maetia was a great defeat in the war against the elementals of Aspenta. Ever since then, some key members of the Ametian Alliance have fought to rebuild the alliance.

Ametian Alliance

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