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This wiki is for the sister worlds of Aspenta and Aresia, which have gone through nearly every iteration of Dungeons and Dragons. Currently, the game is played using the 5th iteration and thus is set in the 5th Age, which is also known as the “Next Age”. The game is set after the Tyranny of Dragon, a great war that marked the beginning of the age in the world of Aresia.

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Curse of Sunder


  • Achmed
  • Gandalf
  • Manius
  • Manse


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Extra-Life 2015

Extra-Life 2014

  • Pytheas
  • Reaper
  • Thalos

Retired Heroes

  • Charis Alune
  • Edge Grell
  • Khelek
  • Laurucian Fenumelam
  • Thorkar “Thor” Rockseeker

Dead Heroes

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