Into the Abyss

Into the Abyss

39 Next Age

The Grand Sire Alduin Archonae was sent back to Aresia from Avernus as a champion from Drake, the dragon god. He brought with him his Angels of Death, his closest friends and most trusted advisors. All of them were dragonborn archdevils. It took them nearly twenty years in the Underdark to take over the duergar capital of Gracklstugh and assemble allies. When everything was ready, they summoned the leaders of their new allies to Gracklstugh to form the Syndicate, the Underdark alliance between the tiefling nation of Arcane Brotherhood, the bugbear nation of the Bugbear Tribe, and the kobold tribe of Temberchaud.

The birth of the Syndicate was tumultuous. The Shadowfell nation of Daedaloth was also recruited while the duergars were kept out. The elves had a political hand in everything going on, and it was later revealed that both the Order of Holios and the Order of the Moon were also involved. Leaders from the various nations were changed out due to assassinations and political intrigue, and the first few years were chaotic.

In the western part of the Underdark lay the trading city of Mantol-Derith where humans, duergars, svirfneblins, and elves met to conduct trade between the surface and the Underdark. The Syndicate decided to expand west and eventually invaded Mantol-Derith. The duergars joined the Syndicate but this culminated into a conflict between the tieflings and the duergars. Mantol-Derith was eventually given to the duergars of the Syndicate.

Another Syndicate expedition led them to the jungles of Harken on the surface, where the Syndicate conducted poweful rituals that closed off the connection to the Feywild and the Shadowfell, completely removing Daedaloth from the Syndicate alliance. At this point, the Syndicate alliance focused on the defence of the world of Aresia from hostile elemental forces that were pushing into the world from the Feywild and the Shadowfell. By closing off the connection to these planes, the elementals would be funnelled through the Maetia, a world portal in the Eridanian Region, and the elementals only way into the world of Aresia.

The elemental lords pushed into the world of Aresia and eventually lay siege to the southern borders of the Bugbear Tribe. The Battle of Six Armies were fought on the shores of the Darklake, a battle where bugbears, goblins, kobolds, duergars, and baatezu fought against the elemental forces. The tieflings did not wish to spend their ressources in the defence of their allies, which led to more political conflicts and intrigue in the early years of the Syndicate. During the Battle of Six Armies, the Order of Holios, a secret order specialized in fighting elementals, were able to capture Olhydra, the Elemental Lord of Water. The Syndicate won the Battle of Six Armies and the elementals retreated to the surface.

The Syndicate’s alliance with the Order of the Moon, an order of time mages, gave the Underdark alliance access to Gravenhollow, a temporal library where the Syndicate gained access to knowledge on how to transform elves into drow. A large amount of elves joined the Syndicate, which formed the three drow houses of DeVir, Bane, and Q’Leptin. House DeVir settled on the world of Aspenta, House Bane settled on the world of Aresia, and House Q’Leptin betrayed the Syndicate and founded the Underdark City of Spiders in Aresia. The Syndicate eventually conducted a covert operation into Zilch Q’Leptin’s mage tower of Sorcere in the City of Spiders and stole the secrets to creating the drow. Unfortunately, the secret was stolen from the Syndicate by an unknown force.

The Baatezu of the Syndicate brought the Maze Engine from Avernus at the behest of their deity Drake. The Maze Engine was a powerful magical construct from Mechanus that would greatly strengthen the Syndicate and their goal of defeating the elemental lords. Unfortunately, the maze engine was placed in the Labyrinth within the Bugbear Tribe, and after a coup by the bugbear Batyss, it was lost. Batyss renamed the bugbear lands to Sarunn and though the Syndicate attempted to overthrow him and reclaim the Maze Engine, they failed. The Maze Engine was later used by the elemental lords in the Battle of Mount Zephyr.

The Syndicate then moved to Auramycos, a 200 kilometer underground fungus. Through a ritual, the Angel of Death Medusa merged with Auramycos, giving the Syndicate control of all myconids in the Underdark. With these forces, the Syndicate pushed into Sarunn where elven assassins assissted the Syndicate to overthrow Batyss and put Chieftain Garn back as the leader of the bugbears and goblins.

The Syndicate then mobilized their armies to the surface, towards Mount Zephyr, taking the fight to the elemental lords.


Into the Abyss

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