Thomas was born in the Dragon Empire of Tharsis under the rule of the red dragon Archonae in the year 2000 of the Fourth Age. His parents were shopkeepers who amassed enough wealth to pay for Thomas’ arcane tutelage. He showed promise and after the academy discredited him the military recruited and trained him to fight in the Tharsian civil war, turning him into a Warmage.

The Tharsian civil war was an internal war between the followers of Drake and the followers of Bahamut. Thomas followed the powerful dragon of air Drake and fought against the impure demonic dragon Bahamut. After the Tharsian civil war, Archonae’s dragonborn son took the throne and became Grand Sire Alduin Archonae. Alduin led the Dragon Army of Tharsis west to rescue the Eridanian Region from evil, corruption, and anarchy.

During the Tyranny of Dragons, Thomas served as an Elite Magistrate. He helped in the invasion of Greenest and served Imperator Lennithon in hunting down the elven general Reena Dor. His main task during the war, however, was to set up a base of operations behind enemy lines near the human capital of Fallcrest. His success meant that the Dragon Army was able to quickly besiege the capital. Thomas was part of the siege against the human capital for the two years that it lasted.

After the Siege of Fallcrest, Thomas was promoted to Centurion and helped the Dragon Army invade the rest of the human Septarchy of Cimmeria. Finally, only the elves of Winterbole remained unconquered in the Eridanian Region. Thomas led a group of humans, dragonborns, and tieflings during the battle, focusing his efforts against the remaining Cimmerian forces and human wizards. Unfortunately Tharsis lost the battle when the skyfortress Skyreach arrived and bombarded the battlefield, and devils sucked Alduin and his Angels of Death to hell. Meanwhile, Bahamut worshippers invaded Tharsis, leaving the Dragon Army with only the Harken Jungle in the far north.

The survivors, including Thomas, retreated to the Harken Jungle and spent years recovering from their defeat in Winterbole. Lennithon was appointed Empress of the newly formed Draco-Hobbit Empire of Harken. Thomas was promoted to Imperator of the Black Angels, a group of elite soldiers that served Lennithon and helped her form the Draco-Hobbit Empire of Harken. After four years of service, the Black Angels were disbanded, but Thomas retained his rank as Imperator in the Dragon Army of Harken.

After a year, Thomas grew tired of working for a decimated army that rarely saw combat. He retired from the Dragon Army of Harken and became an adventurer. He rejoined some of his old friends and travelled to the village of Winterhaven in the Cairngorm Hills to meet them, in hopes of finding adventure and excitement.


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