You sneaked away from camp at Castle Naerytar and made your way into the dungeon where you found the portal that Reena Dor had used to flee from you yet again. You used the command word and stepped through into a beautiful mountaineous world with a large elven hunting lodge. The portal must have brought you into the elven forest of Winterbole.

Within the large hunting lodge you encountered a number of elves, including Talis the White. She proved to be an ally who also sought the downfall of Reena Dor, in exchange for possession of a nearby skyfortress called Skyreach, built and commanded by cloud giants but currently under the control of Reena Dor she would help you defeat Reena Dor.

On your quest through Winterbole you found Skyreach and boarded it. Eventually you were able to save Lennithon’s blue dragon eggs.

With the dragon eggs in your possession you travelled back north, across the Eridanian Lake and the Cimmerian Desert, all the way to Greenest. The blue dragon Lennithon had left and travelled into the jungles of Harken and this is where your journey took you.

You returned to Cragmaw Castle where you stayed away from the Tyranny of Dragons while caring for a number of refugees that tried to escape the war.

You have received word from Thomas, who you fought beside during the Tyranny of Dragons. He is assembling a group of adventurers at the village of Winterhaven in the Cairngorm Hills. You have decided to join them.


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