You were born in the dark parts of the world, underground beneath the icy waters of the Boreum Sea. Through your life you have travelled south until your family reached the halfling jungle of Harken in the Eridanian Region. In the Underdark your family was killed, but you managed to survive only because Drake protected you by sending a white dragon called Arauthator. You were 12 years old when you came under his tutelage and became a Follower of the Roar.

When you were 15, the Dragon Army of Tharsis recruited Arauthator due to his extensive knowledge of magic that was granted to him by Drake, the same kind of magic that he taught you. You travelled with Arauthator south, staying in the Underdark and away from battle while learning about Drake and his magic.

When you were 19, Arauthator led a group of Tharsian soldiers into battle. The Battle of Winterbole was lost and Arauthator returned home, urging you to follow the Wind, a reference to following your own destiny laid out by Drake.

Through your journey you came upon the Seven-Pillared Halls, a vast underground city ruled by the Mages of Saruun. Here you stayed for a while and studied the magic of minotaurs, always staying away from the Mages of Saruun, partly because of their powers, but mostly because of their authority.

Through your studies you learned a great deal about Drake. You have learned that Drake is imprisoned or lost somewhere. In order to learn more you have decided to seek out a powerful Follower of the Roar. You traveled to the dragon capital of Westbridge in the Draco-Hobbit Empire of Harken. This is the first time you go to the surface, and you have no idea what awaits you.

In Westbridge you will seek to become the apprentice to the Whisperer Kendi Kawa, who founded the greatest monastery of Drake in Harken. He might know more about Drake, and following him on his quest throughout the Cairngorm Hills might reveal to you the secrets you seek.


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