You grew up in the dwarven kingdom of Dawnforge in the 4th Age. At the age of 79 you experienced how the world changed. The laws of physics and magic abruptly altered everything and civil war broke out. You fought in the War of Three Axes, but not for any dwarven king. Instead, you joined the Cult of Dungabad, an organization created ages ago to defend worlds from elemental threats. You learned that the change that the world experienced was because the Ametian Alliance had opened a portal to a world called Aspenta, a world dominated by elemental forces.

The War of Three Axes abruptly ended when the Dragon Army of Tharsis arrived to the Eridanian Region and invaded the halfling realm of Harken in the north. The dragons of Tharsis were a force to be reckoned with and you believed that they were the world’s best ally against the impending elemental threat from Aspenta. You therefore joined Tharsis and showed your loyalty by hunting down the elven General Reena Dor. On your quest to track down Reena Dor you attempted to create an alliance between the dwarves and the elves, getting the elves to join Tharsis and defend the world. During the diplomatic mission at the Copernicus Valley, elven assassins killed the dwarven leaders. This sparked the Dawnforge war where dwarves turned against elves.

After years of war, one final battle remained, the Battle of Winterbole. If Tharsis was victorious here, they would rule the world of Aresia. The battle was going in your favor until reinforcements from Chronium in the form of giants and half-giants came to the aid of the elves. Your leader, a dragonborn named Alduin, ordered tieflings of the Arcane Brotherhood to summon demons to the battlefield to turn the tide of war. This greatly demoralized many, but it did turn the tide of the battle. When victory seemed to be within grasp, a great skyfortress arrived to the battle, called Skyreach. Skyreach was commanded by the elves, who started bombarding everyone except elves. They even bombarded their human allies and the giants that had come to their rescue. This one act gave the elves complete victory.

At the end of the battle, the demons that had been summoned claimed their price and sucked Alduin and his Angels of Death with them back to Hell. During the Battle of Winterbole, metallic dragons attacked the homeland of Tharsis, meaning that the Dragon Army of Tharsis was now both leaderless and without any home. They therefore retreated to Harken while the elves invaded the human nation of Cimmeria and your homeland of Dawnforge.

The Tyranny of Dragons ended about 6 years ago. Recently you have received word from an old friend, a human chronomancer called Eldric Highmoore. He invites you to join an adventuring party in the village of Winterhaven on the outskirts of the Cairngorm Hills. He mentions that the portal to the world of Aspenta was created in the Cairngorm Hills near Winterhaven, and though lost, there are many elemental threats and cults in the area. You have decided to join the adventuring party in order to remove the elemental threat in this world.


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