Chrella Shadowsong

Half-Elf Ranger


Chrella is a half-elf dressed in hide skins. On his back he has a quiver with arrows and a hunting bow and two daggers. At his side is a wolf that follows him and stays close to him all the time. Chrella is very cautious and looks around all the time, scouting for possible enemies and dangers.


Half-elves are usually looked down upon in Winterbole. They are accepted and cared for, but only to the bare minimum. It is different for Chrella though. During one of his journeys through the southern forest wilderness, he heard screams of panic and despair. He then came upon an elven family that was facing a large dire bear. The family didn’t stand a chance so Chrella set his life at risk by drawing the bear’s attention. He threw rocks and sticks at it so that it turned towards him. The bear came upon him and a fist fight between Chrella and the dire bear started. The bear ripped open Chrella’s throat and back, severely wounding the half-elf, but Chrella was able to repeatedly stab the bear with sticks and stones. Eventually the bear crumbled upon the half-elf. The elven family moved the bear off of Chrella and brought the half-elf back home, where he was nursed back to health. Chrella is one of the few, if maybe the only one, who has ever defeated a dire bear in unarmed combat. Chrella’s powers over animals and combat skills is the reason he’s called the Hero of the Half-Elves.

Chrella Shadowsong

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