Ankor Ironwood


You were born in 1.953 of the Fourth Age. You lived through the rise and fall of the Ametian Alliance. You lived through the discovery and arrival of the dragonborns of Tharsis. You also experienced how the world changed when the Ametian Alliance built the Maetia and opened a world portal within its walls, which unleashed pure chaos into the world. This changed the laws of physics and magic. Due to the chaos that erupted, the Ametian Alliance fell apart. The Shadowfell and the Feywild closed their borders and the dwarven lands were thrown in a civil war called the War of Three Axes.

You fled at the age of 60 to avoid the War of Three Axes and found your way aboard a human tradeship called the Seashimmer, which was sailing from Sembia to Highmoon. You convinced the crew that you were a priest of Sharindlar and you ended up serving on the tradeship for over a decade before the Tyranny of Dragons came to the Eridanian Region. The dragons first invaded Harken and then moved south. After four years of war, the Dragon Army of Tharsis had invaded all lands north of the Eridanian Lake, the last barrier that kept the Dragon Army at bay. Eventually, they forced their way across the waters, and in the process the Seashimmer was destroyed. Everyone aboard perished, except you.

For 7 years you have lived around the Eridanian Lake, never feeling at home aboard another ship in the same way that you felt at home aboard the Seashimmer. The Tyranny of Dragons ended a year after the Seashimmer was destroyed, their leader and lands destroyed by elves, who has wrested control of the Eridanian Lake from the humans.

Recently, you have helped another dwarf by the name of Dorn to cross the Eridanian Lake. He was bound for the village of Winterhaven on the outskirts of the Cairngorm Hills and has invited you to join the adventuring party there. The area is a lawless realm on the outskirts of elven influence. It serves as a borderlands between the elven realm and the surviving dragon realm to the north. The Cairngorm Hills is a good new beginning for you, and it is a land that is in dire need of a Thalonor, a priest of Sharindlar.

Ankor Ironwood

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