Note: Thor has become a pledge for the Harpers, showing potential to serve one of the five factions that will fight against the Tyranny of Dragons while Yukimaru is being watched by the Ametian Alliance in the hopes that he can help against the Dragon Empire of Tharsis.

The party, consisting of Eldric, Khelek, Thor, and Yukimaru, gathered from Sister Garaele in the village of Phandalin that only the druid Reidoth in the ruins of Thundertree to the north knows the location of Cragmaw Castle, where the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker is being held. If the party can save Gundren, they will be paid 10 gold each and 500 gold to distribute evenly amongst them.

The party thus travelled north along the King’s Road for 4 days to reach the ruins of Thundertree in search of Reidoth. As they made their way through the ruins they were attacked by two giant spiders that were burnt and cut down. The party then made its way up the hill towards the ruined tower in the center of the village.

Yukimaru scouted ahead, investigating the ruined tower hoping to find Reidoth within. Eldric followed close behind while Khelek and Thor waited outside, investigating two other dead giant spiders that had been mauled by some kind of unnatural large beast with claws. Suddenly Yukimaru came running out screaming “DRAGON!!!” and stormed down the hill.

Eldric hid within the tower. Khelek transformed himself into a horse and galloped over to Thor to help him escape, but the dwarf simply stood his ground as a green dragon came up from the tower’s broken roof, flew around and swooped down upon the dwarf and the horse, spewing a noxious nerve gas that knocked Khelek unconscious while the dwarf protected himself with his shield and dwarven resilience.

As the dragon swooped around the tower for a second pass, Eldric made his way into the dragon’s lair and started to rummage through its treasure in hopes of finding something of great value. Yukimaru had come over his initial shock and turned back, running up the hill to help his friends who had not followed him. Thor quickly healed up Khelek and then turned to dash down the hill. He got a few meters before he encountered Yukimaru who grabbed the dwarf and forced him to kneel down to the incoming dragon that was swooping down for a second pass.

In draconinc, Yukimaru called out to the dragon, “Mighty dragon. I bow down before you in your presence. I’m a soldier from the Dragon Empire sent to scout out this area and make a landing site for the army when the Dragons arrive! Please spare our lives and I will aid you in whatever way possible! Please mighty dragon! Spare US!”

The dragon crashed down to the ground, charging towards Thor and Yukimaru. Thor pulled himself free and fled down the hill. Eldric heard Yukimaru and quickly escaped out of the rear door in the tower after taking a single scroll from the dragon hoard. Khelek simply lay there, back to consciousness after Thor’s healing spell but waiting for the dragon to finish him off, while Yukimaru was sitting on his knees praying that the dragon wasn’t going to eat him.

The dragon stopped in front of Yukimaru and snarled, “Greetings, servant!… What is your rank?”

Yukimaru brought forth an amulet, a military insignia that indicated his rank and showed it to the dragon who replied, “Good. Can your companions be trusted?”

Yukimaru replied with reverence, “Yes. We’re only here to seek out the druid Reidoth. Will you join the army when the time comes?”

The dragon was circling around Yukimaru as they spoke in draconic, “I am also an explorator. I have secured these ruins for the Grand Sire, servant! Yes, the druid poses a threat, hiding in MY ruins!”

Yukimaru bowed to the dragon that had circled around him, “We will rid you of this nuisance! Hail the Grand Sire of Tharsis!”

The dragon took off, returning to his lair while Khelek and Yukimaru got back on their feet. Yukimaru quickly briefed Khelek on what had happened but was interrupted by the dragon roaring from within its lair: “THIEVES!!!”

The dragon had noticed that someone had stolen a scroll from its hoard, and since it trusted Yukimaru and his elven companion, he assumed that it was the greedy fleeing dwarf that had gone in and grabbed the nearest object while he had been flying around the tower preparing for a second swoop.

The dragon came out of the tower and swooped down the hill. Thor quickly made his way into the ruined building where the two giant spiders had come from, hoping to hide from the angry dragon. Unfortunately he got caught in the webs and the dragon’s noxious breath forced him to lose consciousness.

As the dragon attacked Thor, Yukimaru called out to it, “IT’S THAT DAMNED WIZARD! KILL HIM!”

The dragon quickly searched Thor by ripping his belongings apart, but he then left the unconscious dwarf to return to Yukimaru and Khelek who had picked up Eldric’s tracks and were hunting him into the grasslands north of Thundertree. As the dragon caught up with them he snarled in anger, “Where’s the wizard?”

Yukimaru showed the tracks to the dragon, “Kill the traitor!”

The dragon wasn’t well versed in tracking, “you have the tracks. Lead on explorator, lead me to the traitor.”

Yukimaru set off to follow the tracks, “Yes sire!”

They followed Eldric’s tracks around the ruins and back into the center of the village where they found Thor, who had regained consciousness. As they saw the dwarf the dragon remarked, “Impressive. The dwarf shows great resilience.”

The dragon was impressed that Thor had survived his breath weapon twice but Yukimaru pointed out, “I got the best for the Sire!”

They quickly caught the dwarf up on what was going on, and Thor then joined the hunt for Eldric who had escaped through the ruins with a Dragon Scroll. On their way out, the hunt was delayed by half a dozen strangely clad humans who bowed down to the dragon and spoke to it in draconic, “Oh master. We pledge our allegiance to you.”

Yukimaru turned around and spoke to these new followers, “Help find the wizard! The traitor stole from the Sire!”

The dragon replied, confirming Yukimaru’s orders, “Serve me by following my cohort here, the Explorator Yukimaru. I will remain here, preparing for the Tyranny of Dragons. Return with the wizard.”

The dragon then took off, returning to its lair. The nine followers of the dragon set out to track and hunt Eldric across the wilderness south of Thundertree. For days they tracked the wizard until they found out that he had returned to Phandalin. In Phandalin, the six dark followers remained outside of town since they didn’t want to attract attention. Khelek, Thor, and Yukimaru made their way into the village that was being taken over and fortified by the noble House Grell, lead by Sir Edge Grell. They found Eldric and all peacefully talked things over.

The rest of the day, most of the night, and the entire next day was spent discussing the situation. As a member of the Dragon Army of Tharsis, Yukimaru recruited Khelek and Thor, giving them the rank of Tirones, thus closing the door for their acceptance into the Harpers and the Ametian Alliance. He then spent the rest of the time trying to convince Eldric to join the Dragon Army and return the Dragon Scroll. Unfortunately the scroll had been used, but maybe Yukimaru could still appease the dragon of Thundertree if Eldric joined the Dragon Army.

Eldric thought long about what he had discussed with Yukimaru and spoke of all of this with many people in Phandalin, including Edge and Tabby. In the end he assembled many arcane ingredients and created a magic circle in his room in the Stonehill Inn. Using his arcane knowledge of divination rituals he conjured the angels Bahamut, Drake, Zalathorm and Pelor asking for guidance and a peek into the future to see what decision would be the right one.

His ritual showed him a glimpse of the past outside of time. He found himself within the halls of the Order of the Moon in the end of the 3rd Age over 2.000 years ago. He met a dark robed figure that moved in place after having moved in time. The being spoke with a voice that echoed into the past. The figure explained that Eldric had been pulled into the Temporal War, a war between the time mages of the Order of the Moon and ithilba’s elemental army. Ithilba was described as being a creature of darkness that possessed power over time magic and could ignore the effects of paradox.

As they spoke, Eldric learned that Ithilba couldn’t move beyond the 3rd Age, but that his elemental armies probably still posed a great threat to the world of Aresia in the 5th Age. The figure learned that Eldric was probably sent here by Pelor to learn about the Artifacts of Elemental Command, which was most likely tied to the air genasi Holios who lived at the end of the 3rd Age. Holios’ legacy must have survived all the way into the 5th Age, and that legacy must have something to do with the artifacts that Eldric needs in order to secure the world of Aresia from the elemental threat.

As Eldric’s divination ritual wore off, he knew that he needed to join Yukimaru and the Dragon Army of Tharsis. The last time anyone had heard about Holios was when the angel Drake had brought him to Tharsis over 2000 years ago, and now Eldric had to start looking for the legacy that the air genasi had left behind.

Note: Eldric now has the potential of becoming a Magistrate in the Dragon Army of Tharsis if he accepts this military rank from a higher ranking Centurion. Likewise Thor has the potential of becoming a Doctor, while Khelek has the potential of becoming an Explorator.



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