October 2014

Background: A party of adventurers were hired by the dwarven prospector Gundren Rockseeker to escort his wagons of supplies from the capital of Fallcrest to the mining village of Phandalin in the Moon Hills. Gundren and his friend the human knight Sildar Hallwinter went ahead and on the way to Phandalin were ambushed and captured by goblinoids from the Many Arrows clan, led by the hobgoblin King Grol who had been hired by the mysterious character simply known as the Black Spider to capture both Gundren and more importantly his map to a legendary mine in the Moon Hills simply known as the Lost Mine of Phandelver, a mine of silver, gold, and platinum that had been lost for centuries, since the Bloodspear War.

Goblin Arrows: The first wagon was also ambushed by the same goblinoids, but the group of adventurers struck back and rescued Sir Hallwinter from a nearby goblin cave while capturing a goblin called Slurpy. They learned that King Grol had taken Gundren to Castle Cragmaw. Not knowing the location of Castle Cragmaw, the adventurers regrouped in Phandalin where they went on a variety of adventures in search of the location of the castle where Gundren was being held captive.

The Spider’s Web: The adventurers went out into the Moon Hills to talk to the banshee Agatha about the location of Bowgentle’s spellbook. They traded this information to Sister Garaele in Phandalin to learn that the druid Reidoth, who resided within the ruins of Thundertree, knew the location of Cragmaw Castle.

Redbrand Hideout: While the adventurers were preparing to travel to Thundertree, the village of Phandalin was taken over politically by House Grell, who hired the adventurers to get rid of the Redbrands, a band of brigands hiding under the ruins of Tresendar Manor. The adventurers destroyed the Redbrands and chased away their leader, a wizard called Glassstaff.

Venomfang: The adventurers then travelled north to the village of Thundertree where they encountered a green dragon called Venomfang. They fled from the dragon and returned empty handed Phandalin where they got the idea to simply ask Slurpy to show them the way.

Cragmaw Castle: The adventurers, led by Slurpy the Goblin, travelled into the Moon Woods where they found Cragmaw Castle. In an epic fight the adventurers killed King Grol and rescued Gundren, but not before a mysterious shapeshifter destroyed the map to the Lost Mine of Phandelver.

Tyranny of Dragons (Extra-Life): While Gundren tried to find the location of the Lost Mine of Phandelver, the green dragon Venomfang recruited the adventurers to travel north to the village of Greenest where they embarked on a side adventure. On this adventure, the party helped the Dragon Empire of Tharsis invade the village of Greenest and destroy the Halfling military camp in the Cairngorm Hills where they also rescued the Tharsian monk Nosei. They eventually came upon a secret cave where the halflings, led by the elven General Reena Dor, had hidden two dragon eggs that they had captured from the blue dragon Lennithon. Once the party had returned the eggs to Lennithon, they were allowed to return to Phandalin.

Wave Echo Cave: The party has returned to Phandalin and the dwarven prospector Gundren Rockseeker has found the location of the Lost Mine of Phandelver. He is worried about his two dwarven brothers Tharden and Nundro who was last seen in Wave Echo Cave. Gundren hires the party of adventurers to travel into the depths of Wave Echo Cave to discover the fate of his two brothers while being on the look out for the mysterious figure known as the Black Spider.



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