Goblin Arrows

Edge, Laurucian, Tabby, Thor, Yukimaru were hired by the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker to bring a wagon of mining supplies and food from the human capital of Fallcrest to the village of Phandalin in the Moon Hills. Gundren travelled ahead of the adventurers with his friend the noble knight Sildar Hallwinter.

Half a days journey into the Moon Hills, the adventurers came upon two dead horses. As they tried to clear the path they were ambushed by goblins, which were quickly dispatched. Investigation of the ambush site revealed that Gundren and Sildar had passed this way and had also been ambushed by the goblins. The adventurers found tracks leading south.

The adventurers brought the wagon along the path into the hills. On the way they uncovered a number of simple goblin traps, which they easily circumvented. After nearly two hours of travelling into the hills, the adventurers came to a cave with a stream running out of it.

Tabby was sent to the cave entrance to scout it out and discovered goblin guards that she quickly assassinated. She then scouted as much of the cave as she could without light but discovered nothing of note.

The party then entered the goblin cave with Yukimaru leading with a torch and his glaive that had been lit up by Laurucian. They found a side cave with guard wolves in it eating food that Tabby had given them for them to calm down and let down their guard. Yukimaru deemed them too dangerous to leave along, so he tried to execute them. This angered the wolves who broke their chains and before the adventurers could take care of the ferocious wolves both Yukimaru and Thor were heavily wounded and bleeding to death. Tabby stopped the bleeding before the adventurers brought the wounded outside into the hills.

That evening Yukimaru and Thor regained consciousness and by the healing grace of Sharindlar, the angel of healing, they quickly recovered so that the adventurers could investigate the goblin cave at night while the goblins slept.

The adventurers explored the cave, killing guarding and sleeping goblins whenever they found any. Unfortunately, they scared off the bugbear Klarg, the leader of this goblin cave, but they also found Sildar, who was being held captive in the deepest parts of the cave and guarded by half a dozen sleeping goblins.

Tabby sneakily cut the bonds of the captured knight an gave him a healing potion, warning him that the adventurers were coming to rescue him. Shortly after, Tabby and Yukimaru snuck into the cave and killed the goblins in their sleep. They captured the leading goblin and learned that Gundren had been captured along with all of his possessions and brought to Cragmaw Castle where the king of the goblins Grol resides. King Grol had apparently been hired by the Black Spider (unknown person) to capture Gundren and all of his possessions. Yukimaru then killed the goblin sergeant.

The adventurers then continued their way to the village of Phandalin with Sildar. While in Phandalin the adventurers separated and did their own things.

  • Edge looked into investing in the Stonehill Inn, where he also met an incredibly beautiful and charming barmaid who has completely fallen for him, her knight in shining armor. He then returned recovered supplies to the Lionshields, supplies that was found in the goblin cave and belonged to one of his vassals, the Lionshields. Edge also spoke with the townmaster who hired the knight to get rid of a band of raiding orcs that has taken up residence at Wyvern Tor, a days travel south of Phandalin. Finally he sent word to the Ogrefist Hills, requesting them to send a regiment of soldiers to Phandalin since the village has no established government and has great financial potential if a mineral lode is ever found within the Moon Hills.
  • Laurucian found his way to an elven orchard outside of Phandalin where he found a wood elf called Charis Alune. He learned about the legend of the Heroes of Winterhaven and how Charis lost his arm during the Battle of Shadowfell Keep 14 years earlier.
  • Tabby explored the ruined manor in the village of Phandalin and discovered a mysterious cellar and crypt. The strangest thing was that there were oil scones that were being refilled, newly formed traps, and skeletons lying scattered around in the crypt.
  • Thor found his way to the shrine of Aspenta, the angel of civilization, within Phandalin. Here the dwarf spoke with Sister Garaele, an elven priest. Unfortunately, Garael couldn’t help Thor find his way to Cragmaw Castle as requested, but she was willing to find the location of the castle if Thor would bargain with the banshee Agatha in the Moon Hills and trade a silver comb for the whereabouts of the lost spellbook of Bowgentle.
  • Yukimaru brought Tabby back to the goblin cave where they gathered the weapons and armor the goblins had. They then sold the dozen of weapons and armor to the smith in Phandalin. Mysteriously the smith is able to move this large quantity of weapons in such a small rough and tumble village, but he would first be able to pay Tabby and Yukimaru after the weapons and armor were sold, and this might take up to a month. The adventurers agreed and now await 800 gp from the smithy, which should be paid after a month.



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