Descent into Ma'adim

Tyranny of Dragons

The Tyranny of Dragons was an invasion war of the Eridanian Region on the world of Aresia by the Dragon Empire of Tharsis. The war lasted from 14 Next Age to 19 Next Age, though related conflicts began earlier. It involved the vast majority of the nations of the world of Aresia – including all of the great powers – eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Dragon Army of Tharsis and unofficially the Ametian Alliance. It was the most widespread war in the history of Aresia. Marked by mass deaths, especially of humans, and a large number of dragons causing death and destruction, the war resulted in an unfathomable and uncountable amount of fatalities. This made the Tyranny of Dragons the deadliest conflict in the history of Aresia.

The elves from the Freelands of Martz had just founded their new lands and were still in conflict with the human Septarchy of Cimmeria due to events concerning the Ametian Alliance from the end of the 4th Age, but the war is generally said to have begun on 25 October 14 NA with the invasion of the human city of Greenest by the Dragon Army of Tharsis and subsequent declarations of war on Tharsis by Cimmeria and Harken. For years, Tharsis infiltrated Cimmeria with special agents called Explorators, which consisted mainly of humans but also a number of dragons. It was first after the Siege of Fallcrest, when the humans retreated south, that a military alliance was called for to fight against the Tyranny of Dragons, an alliance reminiscing of the Ametian Alliance that the elves had fought so hard to corrupt and dismantle, but which they now saw as a necessity for survival. During the invasion of Cimmeria, the Dragon Army of Tharsis recruited the conquered halflings of Harken and allied with the dwarves of Electris and Dawnforge to fight against the chaotic nature of the elves in the south, an alliance fueled by the Copernicus Ambush where dwarven leaders were assassinated by wood elves in retaliation for acts that were never committed by the dwarves. In 16 NA, the Dragon Army had conquered all of northern Cimmeria and besieged the capital of Fallcrest, which became the longest siege in the history of the world of Aresia, lasting more than 2 years. In 18 NA, the Dragon Army were able to push their forces all the way to Thunderspire Mountain, but eventually suffered a setback when the humans were able to close the entrances to the Underdark at Thunderspire Mountain, removing the strategic value of the passage.

The Dragon Army of Tharsis was halted in 19 NA when they lost the critical Battle of Winterbole, in the elven Freelands to the south. During the battle, the Dragon Army of Tharsis were surprised to face a military alliance between elves and humans, which had called upon the aid of giants and half-giants. To turn the tide of battle, the leader of Tharsis, the Grand Sire Alduin Archonae, summoned devils with the help of tieflings from the north, but this greatly lowered the moral of the humans and dwarves in the Dragon Army. Finally, the battle turned in favor of the elves when the giant skyship known as Skyreach, commanded by the elf Talis, arrived and began to bombard any non-elves. This marked both the end of the Tyranny of Dragons and the elven betrayal to both the humans and the giants.

The Battle of Winterbole was the last and most critical battle of the Tyranny of Dragons because Tharsian rebels took the opportunity to make a coup d’état in the heart of Tharsis while its forces were engaged on the other side of the world of Aresia. The Tharsian rebels, led by metallic dragons, took military control of Mount Olympus and slew the red dragon leader Archonae, Alduin’s father. When the Battle of Winterbole was lost, the Dragon Army of Tharsis retreated only to find that their supply line and homeland had suffered a coup d’état, leaving them no other choice but to retreat into the depths of the Harken jungle and leaving the rest of their invaded lands in the hands of the elves.

The Tyranny of Dragons altered the political alignment and social structure of the world. Any remnants of the Ametian Alliance was eradicated, and the victorious elves expanded their political and military influence throughout the southern parts of the Eridanian Region. The defeated chromatic dragons formed the Draco-Hobbit Empire of Harken transforming the Eridanian Lake and the Cimmerian Desert into a large borderlands between the elves and the dragons. The Dragon Empire of Tharsis had a political and religious shift which put the metallic dragons on the throne. The Tyranny of Dragons also marked a great change in the cultural perception of magic. Previously, magic was seen as originating from the elves. With the Pharaohs of the Ma’adim Empire being descendants of elves, any human who possessed magic were deemed to have royal blood. Tharsis showed that magic resided with many more than simply elves and elven descendants, and combined with the fall of the human Septarchy of Cimmeria, the elite status of arcane spellcasters was removed.

The start of the war in the Eridanian Region is generally held to be 25 October 14 NA, beginning with the Tharsian invasion of the human city of Greenest; Cimmeria and Harken declared war on Tharsis as soon as they learned what had transpired. The dates for the beginning of the war in the southern parts of the Eridanian Region 28 March 15 NA when the elves assassinated a number of dwarven leaders in the Copernicus Ambush.

Others follow sages who hold that the Copernicus Ambush occured much later in 15 NA, when the Dragon Army of Tharsis crossed the Cimmerian Desert. Some even believe that the elven assassins were Explorators sent by the Dragon Army of Tharsis to ensure that a war broke out between Dawnforge and Winterbole in order to ensure that Cimmeria wouldn’t be able to get reinforcements from the dwarves and teh elves. Other starting dates sometimes used for the Tyranny of Dragons include the end of the 4th Age when the Tharsian leader Alduin Archonae first came to Cimmeria. The human historian Anthony Beaver views the beginning of the Tyranny of Dragons as the Battle of Hammerfast, which occured after the Dragon Army of Tharsis crossed the Cimmerian Desert in 15 NA.

The exact date of the war’s end is also not universally agreed upon. It was generally accepted at the time that the war ended with the end of the Battle of Winterbole in 19 NA. Others claim that it was much later, when the Dragon Army of Tharsis realized that they couldn’t return to Tharsis. Tharsian Scribes say that the Tyranny of Dragons ended when the red dragon Archonae was slain in 19 NA. Everyone, however, agrees that the war ended some time in 19 NA.

At the end of the Fourth Age a military alliance known as the Ametian Alliance was created between the human Septarchy of Cimmeria in the Eridanian Region on the world of Aresia, the genasi Theocracy of Daedaloth within the Shadowfell, and the eladrin Empire of the Cordell within the Feywild. Other nations, such as the Dwarven Kingdom of Beldwhig and Dawnforge, the halflings of Harken, the goliaths of Chronium, and the elves of Winterbole joined the Ametian Alliance.

The primary goal of the military alliance was to pool resources together in order to make a preemptive strike against the elementals from the world of Aspenta, who was threatening the world of Aresia with a similar invasion as the world of Aspenta suffered at the end of the Third Age. To accomplish this, the Ametian Alliance built a series of portals between the various planes, teleportation circles between the nations, and a massive world portal between the worlds of Aresia and Aspenta. All of these were housed within a massive structure called the Maetia located on the outskirts of the city of Winterhaven.

Unknown to all, a secret elven organization was working against the Ametian Alliance, believing that it would give the humans too much political and military power on both worlds. The elven organization used corruption and assassination to ensure that their agents infiltrated the highest ranking positions within the human Septarchy of Cimmeria.

Through scouts and adventurers, the Dragon Empire of Tharsis learned about the Ametian Alliance and its goals. The heir to the throne of Tharsis, Sire Alduin Archonae, was sent to the Eridanian Region to discuss the possibilities of Tharsis joining the Ametian Alliance. Alduin met with representatives from various member states of the Ametian Alliance, including the leaders of the human Septarchy of Cimmeria, the dwarven Kingdom of Dawnforge, and the genasi Theocracy of Daedaloth. In this time, Alduin also met with a human noble house called House Nest, which was working against the Ametian Alliance, but independently from the secret elven organization.

During diplomatic talks between Alduin and the dwarven leaders, one of the leading noble human houses insulted Alduin’s honor by rejecting a trial by combat, a common cultural solution within the Dragon Empire of Tharsis. This insult pushed Alduin to make a military alliance with House Nest instead of the Ametian Alliance.

The transition from the Fourth Age to the Fifth Age was marked by the opening of the world portal within the Maetia. Upon creating a link between the worlds of Aresia and Aspenta, the raw chaos from the world of Aspenta flowed into the world of Aresia and changed the very foundation of existence, thus transitioning from the Fourth Age to the Fifth Age. In the chaos that erupted, the Ametian Army retreated from Winterhaven and the secret elven organization took this opportunity to take full control of the Ametian Alliance and ensure its dissolution. This led to the Shadowfell and the Feywild closing their portals and borders, cutting all ties with the world of Aresia.

As Alduin returned to Tharsis with a strong human military ally, the empire also suffered from the chaos caused by the opening of the Maetia. The leader of Tharsis, the red dragon Archonae, used this opportunity to claim that it was a sign from Drake that the followers of Bahamut should be purged from Tharsis and thus the Tharsian Civil War erupted with Alduin leading the followers of Drake and Balasar leading the followers of Bahamut. That Tharsian Civil War lasted for over a decade and formed the foundation of the Dragon Army of Tharsis. It also marked the ruling transition from the red dragon Archonae, to his son the Grand Sire Alduin Archonae, who would lead the Dragon Army of Tharsis against the Eridanian Region to bring law, order, and honor to a land that had offended and insulted him a decade earlier.

Due to the dissolution of the Ametian Alliance, none of the nations in the Eridanian Region on the world of Aresia noticed the mobilisation of the Dragon Army of Tharsis as they made their way to the souther edge of the jungle of Harken, following it west into the northern parts of the human Septarchy of Cimmeria.

Pre-Tyranny Events
Ametian Alliance (2011 FA – 2014 FA)
The Ametian Alliance was a military alliance created in 2011 FA and ended when the Fourth Age ended. The alliance was first conceived by the eladrin Glaeth Gisir from the Empire of the Cordell when he encountered a cultist of Lithor from the Theocracy of Daedaloth. The resulting military alliance organized resources throughout the Eridanian Region, but wasn’t well received by all of its inhabitants. The elves already had a strained relationship with the human Septarchy of Cimmeria, one of the member nations of the Ametian Alliance, and the military organization of resources in the region forced the elves to conduct more aggressive political intrigues to ensure that the region didn’t fall under complete human rule. When the Ametian Alliance opened the world portal at the Maetia in the Cairngorm Hills, it unleashed pure chaos and elemental forces that changed the laws of physics and magic, thus ending the Fourth Age and beginning the Next Age. Subsequently, the elves took advantage of the situation to strike at the political leaders in the Eridanian Region in order to disolve the Ametian Alliance. The elves were successful and the Ametian Alliance crumbled.

Striders (2013 FA – 2014 FA)
The Striders was a group of adventurers led by the dragonborn Alduin Archonae, who was the heir to the dragon throne of Tharsis. He led an expedition from the Tharsis Region to the Eridanian Region to evaluate the potential of the Ametian Alliance, and seek membership for the Dragon Empire of Tharsis. The representatives of the human Septarchy of Cimmeria didn’t support the membership of Tharsis based on the behavior of their ambassador Alduin. Since Alduin had saved a number of high ranking human politicians, human members of the House Padraig convinced the leaders of the Ametian Alliance to let Alduin prove his worth in military conflicts. Alduin’s expedition proved resourceful in helping resolve kidnappings by saving a variety of human politicians; internal corruptions by revealing that House Nest was actually a family of wererats in league with the elves; and border conflicts by assisting the dwarves against armies of orcs. After the Siege of Bordinrak in 2014 FA, Alduin withdrew Tharsis’ desire to join the Ametian Alliance because his experience with the alliance revealed a weak, corrupted, dishonorable, and unlawful treaty. Alduin and his expedition retreated from the Eridanian Region and returned to Tharsis to report back to the Grand Sire Archonae.

The Maetia (2014 FA – 0 NA)

Tharsian Civil War (0 NA – 10 NA)
When Sire Alduin Archonae returned to Tharsis civil war broke out. Alduin’s expedition to the Eridanian Region revealed to him that the dualistic religion of Tharsis was not something that needed to be nurtured, but instead that the weak, chaotic nature of Bahamut’s followers had to be eradicated in order to create a unified Tharsis that could take over the Eridanian Region in order to secure the world from the threat of elemental invasion. The size of the Dragon Empire made this campaign a long and arduous one, but in the end, Alduin prevailed and with his success he was appointed Grand Sire of Tharsis, which gave him the power to assemble the Dragon Army and march west towards the Eridanian Region.

The War of Three Axes (0 NA – 14 NA)

~ To be continued ~

October 2014

Background: A party of adventurers were hired by the dwarven prospector Gundren Rockseeker to escort his wagons of supplies from the capital of Fallcrest to the mining village of Phandalin in the Moon Hills. Gundren and his friend the human knight Sildar Hallwinter went ahead and on the way to Phandalin were ambushed and captured by goblinoids from the Many Arrows clan, led by the hobgoblin King Grol who had been hired by the mysterious character simply known as the Black Spider to capture both Gundren and more importantly his map to a legendary mine in the Moon Hills simply known as the Lost Mine of Phandelver, a mine of silver, gold, and platinum that had been lost for centuries, since the Bloodspear War.

Goblin Arrows: The first wagon was also ambushed by the same goblinoids, but the group of adventurers struck back and rescued Sir Hallwinter from a nearby goblin cave while capturing a goblin called Slurpy. They learned that King Grol had taken Gundren to Castle Cragmaw. Not knowing the location of Castle Cragmaw, the adventurers regrouped in Phandalin where they went on a variety of adventures in search of the location of the castle where Gundren was being held captive.

The Spider’s Web: The adventurers went out into the Moon Hills to talk to the banshee Agatha about the location of Bowgentle’s spellbook. They traded this information to Sister Garaele in Phandalin to learn that the druid Reidoth, who resided within the ruins of Thundertree, knew the location of Cragmaw Castle.

Redbrand Hideout: While the adventurers were preparing to travel to Thundertree, the village of Phandalin was taken over politically by House Grell, who hired the adventurers to get rid of the Redbrands, a band of brigands hiding under the ruins of Tresendar Manor. The adventurers destroyed the Redbrands and chased away their leader, a wizard called Glassstaff.

Venomfang: The adventurers then travelled north to the village of Thundertree where they encountered a green dragon called Venomfang. They fled from the dragon and returned empty handed Phandalin where they got the idea to simply ask Slurpy to show them the way.

Cragmaw Castle: The adventurers, led by Slurpy the Goblin, travelled into the Moon Woods where they found Cragmaw Castle. In an epic fight the adventurers killed King Grol and rescued Gundren, but not before a mysterious shapeshifter destroyed the map to the Lost Mine of Phandelver.

Tyranny of Dragons (Extra-Life): While Gundren tried to find the location of the Lost Mine of Phandelver, the green dragon Venomfang recruited the adventurers to travel north to the village of Greenest where they embarked on a side adventure. On this adventure, the party helped the Dragon Empire of Tharsis invade the village of Greenest and destroy the Halfling military camp in the Cairngorm Hills where they also rescued the Tharsian monk Nosei. They eventually came upon a secret cave where the halflings, led by the elven General Reena Dor, had hidden two dragon eggs that they had captured from the blue dragon Lennithon. Once the party had returned the eggs to Lennithon, they were allowed to return to Phandalin.

Wave Echo Cave: The party has returned to Phandalin and the dwarven prospector Gundren Rockseeker has found the location of the Lost Mine of Phandelver. He is worried about his two dwarven brothers Tharden and Nundro who was last seen in Wave Echo Cave. Gundren hires the party of adventurers to travel into the depths of Wave Echo Cave to discover the fate of his two brothers while being on the look out for the mysterious figure known as the Black Spider.


Note: Thor has become a pledge for the Harpers, showing potential to serve one of the five factions that will fight against the Tyranny of Dragons while Yukimaru is being watched by the Ametian Alliance in the hopes that he can help against the Dragon Empire of Tharsis.

The party, consisting of Eldric, Khelek, Thor, and Yukimaru, gathered from Sister Garaele in the village of Phandalin that only the druid Reidoth in the ruins of Thundertree to the north knows the location of Cragmaw Castle, where the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker is being held. If the party can save Gundren, they will be paid 10 gold each and 500 gold to distribute evenly amongst them.

The party thus travelled north along the King’s Road for 4 days to reach the ruins of Thundertree in search of Reidoth. As they made their way through the ruins they were attacked by two giant spiders that were burnt and cut down. The party then made its way up the hill towards the ruined tower in the center of the village.

Yukimaru scouted ahead, investigating the ruined tower hoping to find Reidoth within. Eldric followed close behind while Khelek and Thor waited outside, investigating two other dead giant spiders that had been mauled by some kind of unnatural large beast with claws. Suddenly Yukimaru came running out screaming “DRAGON!!!” and stormed down the hill.

Eldric hid within the tower. Khelek transformed himself into a horse and galloped over to Thor to help him escape, but the dwarf simply stood his ground as a green dragon came up from the tower’s broken roof, flew around and swooped down upon the dwarf and the horse, spewing a noxious nerve gas that knocked Khelek unconscious while the dwarf protected himself with his shield and dwarven resilience.

As the dragon swooped around the tower for a second pass, Eldric made his way into the dragon’s lair and started to rummage through its treasure in hopes of finding something of great value. Yukimaru had come over his initial shock and turned back, running up the hill to help his friends who had not followed him. Thor quickly healed up Khelek and then turned to dash down the hill. He got a few meters before he encountered Yukimaru who grabbed the dwarf and forced him to kneel down to the incoming dragon that was swooping down for a second pass.

In draconinc, Yukimaru called out to the dragon, “Mighty dragon. I bow down before you in your presence. I’m a soldier from the Dragon Empire sent to scout out this area and make a landing site for the army when the Dragons arrive! Please spare our lives and I will aid you in whatever way possible! Please mighty dragon! Spare US!”

The dragon crashed down to the ground, charging towards Thor and Yukimaru. Thor pulled himself free and fled down the hill. Eldric heard Yukimaru and quickly escaped out of the rear door in the tower after taking a single scroll from the dragon hoard. Khelek simply lay there, back to consciousness after Thor’s healing spell but waiting for the dragon to finish him off, while Yukimaru was sitting on his knees praying that the dragon wasn’t going to eat him.

The dragon stopped in front of Yukimaru and snarled, “Greetings, servant!… What is your rank?”

Yukimaru brought forth an amulet, a military insignia that indicated his rank and showed it to the dragon who replied, “Good. Can your companions be trusted?”

Yukimaru replied with reverence, “Yes. We’re only here to seek out the druid Reidoth. Will you join the army when the time comes?”

The dragon was circling around Yukimaru as they spoke in draconic, “I am also an explorator. I have secured these ruins for the Grand Sire, servant! Yes, the druid poses a threat, hiding in MY ruins!”

Yukimaru bowed to the dragon that had circled around him, “We will rid you of this nuisance! Hail the Grand Sire of Tharsis!”

The dragon took off, returning to his lair while Khelek and Yukimaru got back on their feet. Yukimaru quickly briefed Khelek on what had happened but was interrupted by the dragon roaring from within its lair: “THIEVES!!!”

The dragon had noticed that someone had stolen a scroll from its hoard, and since it trusted Yukimaru and his elven companion, he assumed that it was the greedy fleeing dwarf that had gone in and grabbed the nearest object while he had been flying around the tower preparing for a second swoop.

The dragon came out of the tower and swooped down the hill. Thor quickly made his way into the ruined building where the two giant spiders had come from, hoping to hide from the angry dragon. Unfortunately he got caught in the webs and the dragon’s noxious breath forced him to lose consciousness.

As the dragon attacked Thor, Yukimaru called out to it, “IT’S THAT DAMNED WIZARD! KILL HIM!”

The dragon quickly searched Thor by ripping his belongings apart, but he then left the unconscious dwarf to return to Yukimaru and Khelek who had picked up Eldric’s tracks and were hunting him into the grasslands north of Thundertree. As the dragon caught up with them he snarled in anger, “Where’s the wizard?”

Yukimaru showed the tracks to the dragon, “Kill the traitor!”

The dragon wasn’t well versed in tracking, “you have the tracks. Lead on explorator, lead me to the traitor.”

Yukimaru set off to follow the tracks, “Yes sire!”

They followed Eldric’s tracks around the ruins and back into the center of the village where they found Thor, who had regained consciousness. As they saw the dwarf the dragon remarked, “Impressive. The dwarf shows great resilience.”

The dragon was impressed that Thor had survived his breath weapon twice but Yukimaru pointed out, “I got the best for the Sire!”

They quickly caught the dwarf up on what was going on, and Thor then joined the hunt for Eldric who had escaped through the ruins with a Dragon Scroll. On their way out, the hunt was delayed by half a dozen strangely clad humans who bowed down to the dragon and spoke to it in draconic, “Oh master. We pledge our allegiance to you.”

Yukimaru turned around and spoke to these new followers, “Help find the wizard! The traitor stole from the Sire!”

The dragon replied, confirming Yukimaru’s orders, “Serve me by following my cohort here, the Explorator Yukimaru. I will remain here, preparing for the Tyranny of Dragons. Return with the wizard.”

The dragon then took off, returning to its lair. The nine followers of the dragon set out to track and hunt Eldric across the wilderness south of Thundertree. For days they tracked the wizard until they found out that he had returned to Phandalin. In Phandalin, the six dark followers remained outside of town since they didn’t want to attract attention. Khelek, Thor, and Yukimaru made their way into the village that was being taken over and fortified by the noble House Grell, lead by Sir Edge Grell. They found Eldric and all peacefully talked things over.

The rest of the day, most of the night, and the entire next day was spent discussing the situation. As a member of the Dragon Army of Tharsis, Yukimaru recruited Khelek and Thor, giving them the rank of Tirones, thus closing the door for their acceptance into the Harpers and the Ametian Alliance. He then spent the rest of the time trying to convince Eldric to join the Dragon Army and return the Dragon Scroll. Unfortunately the scroll had been used, but maybe Yukimaru could still appease the dragon of Thundertree if Eldric joined the Dragon Army.

Eldric thought long about what he had discussed with Yukimaru and spoke of all of this with many people in Phandalin, including Edge and Tabby. In the end he assembled many arcane ingredients and created a magic circle in his room in the Stonehill Inn. Using his arcane knowledge of divination rituals he conjured the angels Bahamut, Drake, Zalathorm and Pelor asking for guidance and a peek into the future to see what decision would be the right one.

His ritual showed him a glimpse of the past outside of time. He found himself within the halls of the Order of the Moon in the end of the 3rd Age over 2.000 years ago. He met a dark robed figure that moved in place after having moved in time. The being spoke with a voice that echoed into the past. The figure explained that Eldric had been pulled into the Temporal War, a war between the time mages of the Order of the Moon and ithilba’s elemental army. Ithilba was described as being a creature of darkness that possessed power over time magic and could ignore the effects of paradox.

As they spoke, Eldric learned that Ithilba couldn’t move beyond the 3rd Age, but that his elemental armies probably still posed a great threat to the world of Aresia in the 5th Age. The figure learned that Eldric was probably sent here by Pelor to learn about the Artifacts of Elemental Command, which was most likely tied to the air genasi Holios who lived at the end of the 3rd Age. Holios’ legacy must have survived all the way into the 5th Age, and that legacy must have something to do with the artifacts that Eldric needs in order to secure the world of Aresia from the elemental threat.

As Eldric’s divination ritual wore off, he knew that he needed to join Yukimaru and the Dragon Army of Tharsis. The last time anyone had heard about Holios was when the angel Drake had brought him to Tharsis over 2000 years ago, and now Eldric had to start looking for the legacy that the air genasi had left behind.

Note: Eldric now has the potential of becoming a Magistrate in the Dragon Army of Tharsis if he accepts this military rank from a higher ranking Centurion. Likewise Thor has the potential of becoming a Doctor, while Khelek has the potential of becoming an Explorator.

Goblin Arrows

Edge, Laurucian, Tabby, Thor, Yukimaru were hired by the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker to bring a wagon of mining supplies and food from the human capital of Fallcrest to the village of Phandalin in the Moon Hills. Gundren travelled ahead of the adventurers with his friend the noble knight Sildar Hallwinter.

Half a days journey into the Moon Hills, the adventurers came upon two dead horses. As they tried to clear the path they were ambushed by goblins, which were quickly dispatched. Investigation of the ambush site revealed that Gundren and Sildar had passed this way and had also been ambushed by the goblins. The adventurers found tracks leading south.

The adventurers brought the wagon along the path into the hills. On the way they uncovered a number of simple goblin traps, which they easily circumvented. After nearly two hours of travelling into the hills, the adventurers came to a cave with a stream running out of it.

Tabby was sent to the cave entrance to scout it out and discovered goblin guards that she quickly assassinated. She then scouted as much of the cave as she could without light but discovered nothing of note.

The party then entered the goblin cave with Yukimaru leading with a torch and his glaive that had been lit up by Laurucian. They found a side cave with guard wolves in it eating food that Tabby had given them for them to calm down and let down their guard. Yukimaru deemed them too dangerous to leave along, so he tried to execute them. This angered the wolves who broke their chains and before the adventurers could take care of the ferocious wolves both Yukimaru and Thor were heavily wounded and bleeding to death. Tabby stopped the bleeding before the adventurers brought the wounded outside into the hills.

That evening Yukimaru and Thor regained consciousness and by the healing grace of Sharindlar, the angel of healing, they quickly recovered so that the adventurers could investigate the goblin cave at night while the goblins slept.

The adventurers explored the cave, killing guarding and sleeping goblins whenever they found any. Unfortunately, they scared off the bugbear Klarg, the leader of this goblin cave, but they also found Sildar, who was being held captive in the deepest parts of the cave and guarded by half a dozen sleeping goblins.

Tabby sneakily cut the bonds of the captured knight an gave him a healing potion, warning him that the adventurers were coming to rescue him. Shortly after, Tabby and Yukimaru snuck into the cave and killed the goblins in their sleep. They captured the leading goblin and learned that Gundren had been captured along with all of his possessions and brought to Cragmaw Castle where the king of the goblins Grol resides. King Grol had apparently been hired by the Black Spider (unknown person) to capture Gundren and all of his possessions. Yukimaru then killed the goblin sergeant.

The adventurers then continued their way to the village of Phandalin with Sildar. While in Phandalin the adventurers separated and did their own things.

  • Edge looked into investing in the Stonehill Inn, where he also met an incredibly beautiful and charming barmaid who has completely fallen for him, her knight in shining armor. He then returned recovered supplies to the Lionshields, supplies that was found in the goblin cave and belonged to one of his vassals, the Lionshields. Edge also spoke with the townmaster who hired the knight to get rid of a band of raiding orcs that has taken up residence at Wyvern Tor, a days travel south of Phandalin. Finally he sent word to the Ogrefist Hills, requesting them to send a regiment of soldiers to Phandalin since the village has no established government and has great financial potential if a mineral lode is ever found within the Moon Hills.
  • Laurucian found his way to an elven orchard outside of Phandalin where he found a wood elf called Charis Alune. He learned about the legend of the Heroes of Winterhaven and how Charis lost his arm during the Battle of Shadowfell Keep 14 years earlier.
  • Tabby explored the ruined manor in the village of Phandalin and discovered a mysterious cellar and crypt. The strangest thing was that there were oil scones that were being refilled, newly formed traps, and skeletons lying scattered around in the crypt.
  • Thor found his way to the shrine of Aspenta, the angel of civilization, within Phandalin. Here the dwarf spoke with Sister Garaele, an elven priest. Unfortunately, Garael couldn’t help Thor find his way to Cragmaw Castle as requested, but she was willing to find the location of the castle if Thor would bargain with the banshee Agatha in the Moon Hills and trade a silver comb for the whereabouts of the lost spellbook of Bowgentle.
  • Yukimaru brought Tabby back to the goblin cave where they gathered the weapons and armor the goblins had. They then sold the dozen of weapons and armor to the smith in Phandalin. Mysteriously the smith is able to move this large quantity of weapons in such a small rough and tumble village, but he would first be able to pay Tabby and Yukimaru after the weapons and armor were sold, and this might take up to a month. The adventurers agreed and now await 800 gp from the smithy, which should be paid after a month.

14 years ago, at the end of the Fourth Age, the Treaty of Alliance was signed, forming the military alliance known as Ametia. The Ametian Alliance built the world’s first wonder, a world portal called the Maetia that connects the sister worlds of Aresia and Aspenta.

10 years ago the Maetia was completed and chaos washed over the world, changing the laws of reality (going from 4th edition to 5th edition) and marking the beginning of the Fifth Age, also known as the “Next Age”.

In the past 10 years the Ametian Alliance has crumbled. Although there are still open borders, the various military forces are no longer unified and the articles in the Treaty of Alliance is no longer being upheld.

The elves have greatly expanded west, all the way to the Hesperian Plains. The dwarves are at the end of a decade long civil war that have divided their nation up into three kingdoms known as Electris, Dawnforge, and Sirenum. The Goliaths, Dragonborns, Eladrins, and Genasi have left the Eridanian Region and returned to their homes in the Australe Region, Tharsis Region, Feywild, and Shadowfell respectively.

Meanwhile, the human Septarchy of Cimmeria has become much more corrupt, and yet it strives for prosperity. A few years ago, settlers have built the village of Phandalin in the Moon Hills north of the capital of Fallcrest in the hopes of reclaiming the rich hills from the goblins, orcs, bandits, and other evils that lurk there.


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